Service to the Professional


Achieving the greatest degree of growth and fulfillment in your career begins with strategic positioning. The foundation of any strategy is knowledge, exploration and assessment.

Our commitment is to maximize your options by providing information – accurately and objectively.

Exploring alternative opportunities is not a compromise of your professionalism or loyalty. Today’s competitive business climate offers the professional more opportunity and diversity than ever before. Successful individuals realize they must take a proactive approach to their career development. The day of climbing the corporate ladder by virtue of tenure no longer exists.

Periodic evaluation of your current position in comparison to your alternatives and relative to your ultimate goals is critical to achieving them.

Being informed and aware of your options gives you the power to chart the course for your own future.

“Those who find themselves on top of the mountain did not fall there.”

Our service has enhanced the career growth of thousands of professionals from technicians to presidents.

With a proven track record and high standard of ethics we have earned the trust of our clients from large multi-national corporations to single state operations. The searches we perform on their behalf are for current needs and opportunities created by long-term projections.

All candidate contacts and inquiries are held in the strictest confidence. No professional is ever identified to a client company without their express prior permission. There is never any fee to the candidate.

Our goal is to present you with opportunities that represent a greater level of fulfillment in your career. In this way, the long-term interests of both client and yourself are best served.


Introduction - Initiate candid conversation with professional to determine their goals and motivations and gain an understanding of their background including specific responsibilities, accountabilities, markets and education. Develop a profile of the ideal opportunity, giving consideration to likes and dislikes, preferred type of office environment, current compensation package, etc.

Research - Using available resources, develop a marketing strategy, identify high-probability, clients and suitable opportunities.

Presentation - Describe in detail to the professional each opportunity that represents a significant improvement in their career and for which they are qualified.

Permission - If opportunity is of interest to the individual, permission is given to identify them as a candidate with Your Search Firm, Inc being the agent of record.

Interview - When there is mutual interest, arrange interview including date, time and location. In preparation of interview, inform individual of client’s corporate philosophy. After each meeting conduct a debriefing conversation with each party to determine the level of interest and provide additional information if necessary.

Offer - Assist the client in formulating an appropriate offer based on our knowledge of the professional’s needs. Assist the candidate in understanding and evaluating the elements of an offer to facilitate their making an educated decision.

Transition - Upon acceptance of an offer, assist the professional with the process to insure a smooth transition.

Follow-up - Maintain periodic contact with both the professional and the client to insure mutual satisfaction.