Client Interview - Initiate conversation to determine current and future staffing needs. Gain an in-depth understanding of responsibilities, accountabilities, interface relationships and markets for each position. Develop a profile of the ideal candidate in terms of experience, education and behavioral dimensions. Compile information which will facilitate attracting such candidates including company history and philosophies, office environment, compensation, benefits and all other potential selling points.

Research - Using available resources, develop a marketing strategy to identify and motivate high-probability, candidates.

Recruitment - Contact high probability candidates with a prepared presentation of the opportunity. Evaluate each candidate’s suitability for the opportunity based on industry experience, education, references, professional goals, motivation levels and personality.

Recommendation - Make a detailed presentation to the client of each suitable candidates professional and personal background.

Interview - Upon clients selection of candidates; arrange interview including date, time and location. After each meeting initiate conversation with each party to determine the level of interest and provide additional information, as necessary.

Offer - Upon indication of intent to extend an offer, consult with client to determine the best acquisition strategy. Assist in formulating an appropriate offer which maximizes the probability of acceptance.

Transition - Monitor the candidate’s offer acceptance and resignation process to insure a smooth transition.

Follow-up - Maintain periodic contact with both the professional and the client to insure mutual satisfaction.

Our Fees - We operate on both contingency and retained bases. Please contact us for further details.